Upcoming dates

In-person test out - Saturday Feb 3 12-2
If sending in video - Due by end of day Sunday Feb 4 ($75 fee)
WINTER 2024:

Friday, January 19: 4-7pm
Saturday, January 20: 12-6pm
Sunday, January 21: 12-6pm

Friday, January 26: 4-7pm
Saturday, January 27: 12-6pm
Sunday, January 28: 12-6pm

*Practical Test out - filmed/due by October 4th at noon

FALL 2023:
Friday, September 8: 4-7pm 
Saturday, September 9: 12-6pm
Sunday, September 10: 12-6pm

Friday September 22: 4-7pm
Saturday, September 23: 12-6pm
Sunday, September 24: 12-6pm
This training will teach you the beginner, intermediate, and advanced Pilates mat exercises in the order and specifications given by Joseph Pilates. Each movement has a purpose as to why it has been created and where it is within the order. You will learn the reasoning behind Contrology, as well as how to teach the Pilates method.

This program teaches the “bread and butter” of the mat exercises with an emphasis on technique, pace, and cueing, all the way through the advanced technique where flow is a focus. You will establish your teaching voice, knowledge, learn how to command a room and share your knowledge and passion with others.

At the end of this course, you will confidently be able to teach all the Pilates classical mat exercises. Upon successful completion and assessment of your ability and understanding of the work, you will receive a certificate to teach. 
One photographic comprehensive Mat training manual, in-studio lecture, training, and guidance with Speir Pilates Master Teacher Trainers (who have a minimum of 18 years Pilates teaching experience), and a certificate of completion once all required test-outs have been successfully completed. Administrative and testing fees are also included.

If you are unable to attend the in-person test out day, you can send in a test out video for an additional $75 charge.

Being present for every part of the weekend training is essential to learn all material. Any missed hours must be made up in the form of purchased private sessions at Speir Pilates with an established Speir Pilates Teacher Trainer to cover the time lost and learn the missed material. For example, if one hour is missed, one private session will be required. This will continue until all missed time is made up to complete the program and obtain a certificate of completion. For the mat program, this is upon pre-approval only as the program is based on consecutive learning. Private sessions can be in the form of a virtual session.

We have scheduled the Reformer program to be completed within a certain amount of time so that apprentices are together for practice teaching, observation, and effectively retain the material in a timely manner. Due to these reasons, we do require the final test-outs to be completed within the established time. If you cannot finish on time, there will be a $50/week additional fee to continue apprentice hours at the studio. Mat test-outs must be completed within 14 days to obtain a certificate of completion. 

Payment must be made in full to complete registration for the program, and/or workshops to hold and secure one's spot. Students are entitled to full tuition refund upon withdrawal/termination up to 14 calendar days before the start of the program. If withdrawal of the program happens within 14 calendar days of the start date of the program, there is no refund of tuition. The official date of termination/cancellation of a student will be determined in the following manner: The date on which the school receives written notice of the students intention to discontinue the training program. Tuition fees are non-transferable. Previous credit on account at Speir Pilates cannot be redeemed toward payment for tuition on Speir Pilates Teacher Training Program. If any training time is missed within the program without prior approval, the apprentice will not be certified due to incompletion of the work and no refund will be issued.