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Athletic  Pilates Fusion.

With Speir On-Demand you will get fun, empowering and athletic reformer and mat Pilates workouts with celebrity trainer, Andrea Speir, streamed straight into your living room. 

Elevate your pilates practice with these mat-based workouts. All you need is a mat and optional accessories to strengthen your body and see incredible results.

Get the same crafted reformer workouts you’ll find in our Los Angeles studios. You’ll need access to a Pilates reformer and accessories.   

The workout


"the best on-demand athletic pilates in the world"

'hundreds of athletic mat and reformer workouts"

5 to 60 min workouts

Beginner through advanced levels

New content every week

Designed plans to keep you on track

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Intensify your workouts with our customized props that will help you achieve your goals and elevate your experience.

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